Why was Eve practising poor programming?

I was looking for some information about design by contract versus defensive programming and one of the first results my favourite search engine gave me was a PowerPoint presentation by professor Theodore S. Norvell, a member of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. However, what I have … Continue reading Why was Eve practising poor programming?

What R you looking at?

It supposed to be a text about RStudio, a free and open-source integrated development environment (IDE) for R that I have recently discovered and started using. But I have changed my mind, as something else occurred to me. The reason I have turned my interest towards programming in R was a huge amount of data … Continue reading What R you looking at?

The art of hashing

Last week I wrote about Bloom filters, giving there an example of simple implementation of that data structure in Python, for which I have used three hash functions from Python hashlib library, that in fact are cryptographic hash functions, so using them is such a way is an overkill. In the meantime I have implemented … Continue reading The art of hashing