A bookworm

It was a beautiful winter morning, so I finally decided to go for a walk.
I changed, washed my teeth, polished my shoes, checked all the socket
switches and water taps, and, making sure everything was fine, left.
But what a disappointment! The weather suddenly turned into a blizzard.
So I came back home, changed into some loungewear, and sat on the sofa
to continue reading “Protagoras.” Then the sun rose from behind the clouds
and shone brightly through the window again, and the clean blue sky bared
its teeth at me in an ironic smile. But this time I refrained from re-attempting
to go out. Not that I was superstitious or anything, but just why on earth
should I spoil fun for others? What is interesting is that I did not think
that the old excuses were still working.

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