enjoy your wedding!

a woman in a wedding dress expects anything
but disappointment. and she should, because,
frankly speaking, otherwise, what is the point?
so she may be willing to accept a pinch of surprise,
but definitely not that the man in a black tailcoat
on the other end of the aisle one day changes
into this pot-bellied stranger sitting with a beer
in front of the telly and yelling at the footballers.

but could he lose his blissful smile at the altar
if he had foreseen that his chosen one would turn
into that netflix series fanatic, weaponizing sex
and expecting him to use the crystal ball to read
her wishes and reasons for her changing moods,
and that no matter how hard he tried, he only heard
criticism and dissatisfaction? and that their daughter
will learn from her mum how to treat her other half.

thank god she will be born a lesbian.

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