an elegy on the death of a decent middle-aged man

you know that you have lost when you come to a singles’ night out
and there are more than twice as many men as women, the latter
being either your daughter’s or your mother’s age.

you know that you are in a losing position as you do not do extreme
sports, you do not travel around the world, and the hot summer
makes you look toward the arctic circle with longing in your eyes.

you know that you have no chance of attracting anyone’s attention
because you are unaware of the latest gossip and popular tv shows,
and the age of the music and books that you enjoy is measured

in centuries rather than years of your social death.

4 thoughts on “an elegy on the death of a decent middle-aged man

  1. It may feel like that but you have way more interesting things about you than you realise! Remember you don’t want to attract everyone, only the one! Things that seem boring to you are what is amazing to another… Michael Schumacher drove cars but to F1 he was the best in the world!

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    1. I am aware of this. The problem is that you can live with her in the same building and never meet her if you are unlucky (believe it or not, I have no idea who lives in my building and I’ve been here for over a year). It all depends on luck.


  2. Who cares what other people think?

    You have to have yourself first and foremost and as you change your inner world, your outer world changes too.

    Hang in there, you’ve got this!!!

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    1. If only it were that simple. Unfortunately, we cannot run away from others. I’ve been that strong, independent person all my life, and I’ve always been alone because of it. It either turns you to stone or it breaks you. I’m afraid the latter is true in my case.


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