a swollen wound of my soul

when i was young, no aces were mentioned,
so first i put it all down to her shyness.
then i thought it was because of her religiosity.
but a year after the wedding, i ran out of possible reasons
and asked for a divorce. and if it had ended then,
maybe we would have been happy now, apart.

but there was this woman, her friend, a dragon by name,
a snake by nature, a religious devotee with manipulative skills
trained in psychology school. she somehow managed
to dissuade me from my intentions and disappeared.
so all she had in mind was to prevent me
from breaking the religious marriage vow.

i never thought i could hate someone so much.
it still feels like a swollen wound in my soul.
every time i think of her, i curse her name and swear
i will spit on the ground in front of her if our paths ever cross again.
then, all of a sudden, a reflection appears. is my inability to forgive
the result of a wound in my soul, or is it my soul itself?

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