summer with monika

it was a long night on a train to the seaside.
we were boy scouts from the mining basin.
they were girl scouts from the highlands.
we were about to spend the summer camp together
and everyone was so excited that we could not sleep.
anyway, who sleeps at thirteen when they first break free
from parental control? and there was that girl
we all fell in love with. unfortunately, for most,
there were only eight seats in the compartment.
i was the lucky one and everything was going so well
until i asked her name. she introduced herself with a smile,
but a moment later i could not recall her name,
so i asked again. with some amusement, she repeated it.
but what an embarrassment it was when it happened
again some time later. and then again, and again.
she was not impressed and avoided me
throughout our stay at the camp.
i was heartbroken.

years later, i can not remember a single thing
about her except that unfortunate night
on the train and her simple name – monika,
my daughter’s name.

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