my experience of being existentially challenged

i am not dead, just
existentially challenged.
admittedly still without
an official certificate,
but who would pay
attention to such
technicalities? i refuse
to embrace this mockery
which i am supposed to
pursue just by the sheer fact
that i was born. and please
spare me arguments
like those about people
dying of hunger in sudan.
i will remind you of them
the next time you feel
a terrible toothache
with no dentist nearby.

ah, so now you feel
offended by my trivialisation
of death and suffering.
this is quite interesting,
just remind me what was
this video that you shared
with such enthusiasm,
you know which one.
no, of course i know
you did not shoot it.
you just circulated it
for fun. who knew that
this crazy teen would take
all those pills after that.
but do not worry, no one
blames you. in the end,
you are only existentially
challenged, just like me
and her.

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