the curse of the poet king

what would the world be like
if you were in charge?

i still remember that naive game
from primary school, but honestly,
if i were to play it now, my answer
would probably scare you.

imagine a librarian,
not the one with a smile
serving readers at the front desk,
but the strict archivist responsible
for the antique books hidden
at the back of the library.
now add to this an eremite
and you will get the picture.
i know, these are all
stereotypes, but in this case
they serve the purpose.

with that in mind, imagine
a world in lockdown,
just no pandemic. a world
where you can meet people,
but there are no restaurants,
bars and pubs. a world
where you walk because
there are no cars. a world
where a pet is an unknown
concept. a world where you
say what you mean and
you mean what you say.

imagine a world where
no one remembers
the philosopher king.

imagine the king
is a poet like me
or you.

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