on sunday, the fourth of july

i have heard my body replaces
all cells every seven years,
so i am a newborn man then.
therefore, do not blame me
for invading your home
decades ago. i was not
the one who chained you
to the basement wall
and forced you watch
your wife and daughter
raped. it was not my hand
that held a knife that slit
your son’s throat. i was
reborn so many times
that i forgot about you
in the basement of the house
that i now consider my own
family home. and yet i have
a feeling you would not
let it go so easily, brother.

of course it was all just
theorising. i am not going
to do any of the above.
but as you watch
the fireworks tonight,
think about bear river
and clear lake
and yontocket
and marias
and three knolls
and cypress hills
and bridge gulch
and wiyot
and camp grant
and sand creek
and …

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