a game of collective responsibility

Right now, spiking become just another thing men do to women with relative impunity.

Gaby Hinsliff, opinion at the Guardian

it turns out i am a sexual predator. apparently,
i enjoy slipping drugs or extra shots of alcohol
into a glass that belongs to a woman in a pub
while her back is turned, and then taking her away
and raping her. and now i am even more vicious
and use a needle for spiking. and i would not
have been aware of this if it were not for the help
of the guardian’s feminist commentator, a woman.

now, to be clear about one thing: i do not make fun
of sex crime victims. i am aware that some men
do unacceptable things to women, that some men
require treatment or isolation from society, probably
both. it is certain that some men have to change
their behaviour and attitudes towards women.
but as you can see, some women should start studying
aristotle, a man.

3 thoughts on “a game of collective responsibility

    1. You see, I read this columnist’s opinion and I was personally insulted. Generalization does more harm than good. That is why I decided to make such a blunt commentary on what I read in that newspaper. I am aware that what I have written is risky and may be misread, but sometimes you have to take a risk.

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