Software Developer’s Career Guide

The reason for which this blog was brought into existence is a book that I read recently, The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide by John Sonmez. Self-help or self-improvement books was never my genre, but since I have been planning some radical changes in my career for quite a while, and I was aware that the transition between two completely unrelated professions requires serious preparations, I knew that I needed some help. The problem is that I do not really know people in the software development field who I could ask for advice, thus a search engine was the only feasible solution, and this is how I have found this book.

When it finally arrived, the brick size of the book scared me a bit, as I was afraid of finding it just another waffle. Fortunately, this proved to be unjustifiable fear. I have to admit that Sonmez’s writing style was a bit irritating at the beginning, very informal that I would expect to find while reading someone’s private blog rather than a book (and it turned out to be the case as he actually reused for that book some of his blog texts), but when I got used to it, I could not resist the impression that he kind of speaks personally to me. And it really helps, as some of the topics he touches are pretty sensitive, like personal hygiene or gender issues.

So, what is this book about? It basically covers every topic from how to get started, what skills are required for that profession and how to develop them, how to find and get a job in the field, but also how to survive in it, dealing with co-workers and boss or how to get a promotion and a pay-raise. The book is divided into parts that address every subject in the appropriate level of details for a particular reader, who could be someone who just seeks to get into the field, like myself, or is already there but thinks about advancing his/her career. Even veterans could find some chapters interesting.

Being a novice to that profession I could probably read just a few first chapters and that would be just enough, but I read the whole book and do not regret the time and money spent. It gave me a different perspective, a reference point I can use when making plans for my future career in software development, especially without any prior experience in this field. Thus, I would definitely recommend it as a must read to anyone in my position.

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